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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


Artist Statement I explore the inherent features of painting, glass, and ceramics. I focus on the materials and work in a spontaneous, exploratory manner. This process of discovery fuels my creativity in working with each media as I develop an awareness of their possibilities and limitations. The better I know my materials, the easier it becomes to be expressive with them. In my paintings, I am interested in exploring my own personal response to paint and the weight of color on canvas. In these works, I often depict stylized architecture in a landscape. My glasswork focuses on color as inspired by my paintings, and in addition is an investigation of textures and patterns. I often create modular tiles, which I arrange to form larger compositions. Glass allows me to use brilliant, transparent colors no other material offers. In clay, I shift attention from color to basic forms. I combine and contrast textural elements as I investigate the clay and its features. Each of these media offers me an opportunity to intuitively express my creative impulses while allowing for a variety of outcomes.


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April 2014