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Master of Science


Health and Movement Sciences

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R. Lee Franco


The oxygen uptake (VO2) kinetic response to exercise provides insight into aerobic performance and the efficiency of the body to maintain oxygen demand during the initiation of exercise. Previous research in normal weight children reports insignificant differences in gender VO2 on-kinetic responses to moderate exercise. No study has evaluated the impact obesity may have on gender VO2 on-kinetics. PURPOSE: To determine if sex differences exist in the VO2 kinetic response to moderate exercise in obese adolescents. METHODS: Male (n=16) and female (n=39) adolescents completed a graded exercise test to exhaustion on a treadmill. Data from initial 4-min treadmill walking was used to determine a time constant. RESULTS: The time constant was significantly different (P=0.009) between obese male and female adolescents (15.42±7.31 s vs. 22.03±8.56 s, respectively). CONCLUSION: Sex differences exist in VO2 on-kinetics during moderate exercise in obese adolescents indicating an enhanced potential for males to deliver and/or utilize oxygen.


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May 2012