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Doctor of Philosophy



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Everett Carpenter


Permanent magnets are used heavily for multiple applications in industry and current electronic technologies. However, the current permanent landscape is muddled by high cost of materials and insufficient magnetic or thermal properties. The primary focus of this dissertation work is the synthesis and optimization of a new permanent magnetic material, in the form of cobalt carbide nanomaterials. The optimization revolved around controlling the crystal phase and particle shape of synthesized cobalt carbide particles; these parameters have significant impact on the observed magnetic properties of magnetic nanoparticles. Co3C was identified to be the preferred crystal phase, leading to better magnetic properties. Cobalt Fumarate was found to be the ideal precursor to synthesize anisotropic Co3C particles and enhance magnetic properties of the synthesized cobalt carbide particles. Lastly, an ethanol based reduction system was employed to develop the greener synthesis of Co and Ni magnetic particles.


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April 2014

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