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Master of Science


Health Related Sciences

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Shelly J. Lane


Occupational therapists are concerned with individuals´ abilities to engage in daily occupations. When a daily activity such as bowel management is problematic, participation in key occupations can be limited. Retentive fecal incontinence is a common disorder in children. Behavior seems to be partly responsible for this condition. Occupational therapists have hypothesized that some behaviors could be related to sensory over-responsivity. This study investigated the relationship between retentive fecal incontinence and sensory over-responsivity and examined the Toileting Habit Profile Questionnaire, a tool designed to screen for toileting difficulties. The study showed that a group of children (n=16) with retentive fecal incontinence presented with significantly more behaviors related to sensory over-responsivity than a group of typically developing children (n=27) as measured by the Short Sensory Profile. The study also revealed that the Toileting Habit Profile Questionnaire effectively discriminates between children with retentive fecal incontinence and those without toileting difficulties.


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