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Master of Science


Human Genetics

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Joe Landry


Genomic imprinting results in monoallelic parent-of-origin gene expression. Therian mammals show conclusive evidence for imprinting, while the evidence in Aves is conflicting. It’s unclear if Aves have the proteins necessary for establishment and maintenance of imprinting loci. Every examined avian orthologue to mammalian imprinted genes shows biallelic expression providing evidence for a lack of imprinting in Aves. While the known parent-of-origin quantitative trait loci in chicken do not overlap with differentiated methylated regions, further analysis with a larger sample size is required. No transcript in the chicken transcriptome at incubation day 4.5 shows parent-of-origin expression, providing strong evidence for a lack of imprinting at this stage of development. Investigating expression of the chicken transcriptome at additional developmental time points, and the transcriptome of other Aves would provide decisive evidence on the presence or lack of imprinting in Aves. Based on current knowledge, Aves lack imprinting as observed in mammals.


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May 2014