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Master of Fine Arts


Fine Arts - Ceramics

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Andréa Connell


Exploring how the material environment affects human knowledge of the world is an ongoing investigation in my studio. With this tactile exploration I am also looking to discover how histories and cultures overlap constantly and in close proximity within my daily experience. By collaging natural fragments and cultural debris in my installations, I seek to exaggerate this overlap and create the dizzying feeling of moving through many places at once. Cultural and historical overlapping also occurs in the phenomena of erratic boulders, which refers to the depositing of boulders, rocks, sediments and other materials that receding glaciers leave behind. This phenomenon has the effect of spinning archeology and geology on their heads as large fragments of earth and cultural debris can be carried by glacier for hundreds of miles. This process exposes an intelligible yet chaotic cultural and geological sampling, and in this paper I will explore how this natural phenomenon parallels aspects of my MFA thesis installation.


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May 2014

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