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Master of Fine Arts



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Dr. Noreen C. Barnes


The main objective of this research is to demonstrate the strong relationship between design and history in the process of studying and creating costumes for theatre. Costumes are considered an important area in the study of material culture, which has been given more visibility within academia. Over the past few decades, the number of museums and universities with collections dedicated exclusively to costumes and textiles has noticeably increased, recognizing them as works of art worthy of being preserved. Considering costumes’ ability to document time and space, and to visually tell stories, many theatre departments have implemented methods to organize their costume collections in order to make them available as a design resource for students and professionals. As Theatre VCU strives for the quality of their educational practices, and with the increase recognition given to design students and faculty, I have proposed a system to archive costumes, renderings and other material, reflecting the excellence of students’ work, and comprehends a design resource for future reference and research.


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May 2014