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Master of Fine Arts


Fine Arts - Painting

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Peter Baldes


This paper offers a contextualization of my art practice, within particular trends in contemporary art and its discourse. It traces an expressed interest in networked objects, and the indeterminacy of meaning in art; from researched examples and texts, through specific expressions of these ideas in my thesis art exhibition. The paper then outlines key areas of practical interest to the experimental viability of my art practice. The paper goes on to explore the relationships between indeterminacy, experimentation, and creativity in the arts; within the context of an original thought experiment that draws an analogy between topics in physics and the human mind. Non-rational art ideas are lauded for their uniquely explorative potential within this conjectural model. Optimism, and a will to think experimentally, are offered as the abiding principles of my art practice; as well as being universal tools that all human beings can depend upon.


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May 2014

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