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Susann Cokal


The following novel manuscript, Someone Else’s Story, investigates what we can’t explain—inspiration and art, attraction and love, charisma and celebrity, intuition and fear. Pulled between all of these is Madelyn, who at the opening of the novel is having a very bad week. After a childhood spent moving every few years, Madelyn has structured her life around stability, but in one week everything comes crashing down. A bad break-up, a family secret and a chance meeting at hotel in Mexico, will spin Madelyn’s future in a direction she never could have imagined for herself—one that includes a handsome movie star and a chance to reinvent an abandoned writing career—if only she can face the truth about her past. Ultimately, Madelyn will be forced to make the same decision three generations of women have faced before her: How much sacrifice is too much when it comes to love?


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Available for download on Wednesday, May 13, 2212