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Master of Fine Arts


Fine Arts - Jewelry and metalworking

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Susan Ganch


This writing is an experiment in combining the two most important frameworks through which I understand the world, the storytelling traditions of my people, the Mvskoke(Creek), and the rational tradition that began with European Enlightenment era thinking. By weaving allegorical narrative (much of it personal) into theoretical speculation, I draw connections between recollection, truth, and the act of making. This examination of the gaps and connections between seemingly disparate worldviews, runs in parallel to the purpose of my work, wherein I construct fictive symbiotic and parasitic relationships between jewelry and wearer. This work takes advantage of the wearer as environment, resource, and propagator. By abstracting from real-world biological structures, this work conflates genetic and memetic dissemination. I am creating systems and models of systems using individual jewelry pieces for specific wearers that reflect the structure of arrangements that are repeated throughout nature. Ultimately I am raising questions about the hard lines that we draw between things in nature—including ourselves—and our place in biological, cultural, and personal systems.


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May 2014

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