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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


My work is a response to random happenings that provide me with opportunities for creativity. I intuitively handle my materials and media, and have developed a personally symbolic palette. I never know exactly how a piece of art will turn out. I begin my paintings by taking photographs of various places or by working on site. My imagery typically consists of landscapes from the mountains of Virginia to the coastlines of Italy. I am attracted to views that are visually soothing, such as sleepy towns, moonlit mountains, or commonplace activities. In referencing these views, I use bright, non-naturalistic and personally symbolic color to emphasize my moods and my emotional responses. I want the viewer to see a painted reality based on emotion and imagination. My Precious Metal Clay (PMC) jewelry pieces are inspired by themes related to the sea. Seashells and spiral-shaped forms are frequent motifs in my pieces. The sea and motifs of early peoples dependent on the ocean provide endless subject matter to pick from when creating each piece of wearable art.


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May 2014