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Siddhartha Ghosh


Kidney failure is frequently associated with the risk factors linked to metabolic syndrome. Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is a potent inflammatory molecule, which has increased absorption from the gut into blood circulation following a high fat and high-energy diet. We hypothesized that LPS from a high fat diet can amplify inflammation, thereby exacerbating chronic kidney disease and associated disorders. We have found that adding a high fat diet to renal insufficient mice significantly progressed their kidney disease as well as associated disorders, compared to both a high fat diet and renal insufficiency alone. Additionally, we were able to demonstrate in vitro that the combination of LPS and palmitic acid, a marker of high fat diet, induced inflammatory pathways significantly more than either LPS or palmitic acid alone. These results provide insight into connection between a high fat diet and the progression of chronic kidney disease as well as associated disorders.


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May 2014

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