Four Seasons



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Master of Fine Arts


Fine Arts - Sculpture

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Matt King


FOUR SEASONS By Morgan Pearse, MFA. A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Fine Art in Sculpture + Extended Media at Virginia Commonwealth University. Virginia Commonwealth University, 2014. Major Director: Matt King, Assistant professor, Sculpture + Extended Media. Fantasy functions in a mental space. Cyberspace is a fantasy world. Cyberspace is a mental space mediated by the individual, but also through/into itself. What does an internal thought mean when it is directed towards strangers via online avatar? The Internet exists. Your body exists. There is something in between. There is no singular meaning or defined content. Instead, there are multiple meanings and content(s). “It all depends how you look at it.” Mystery is important, but it’s better to be entertaining at the same time. There is no narrative. I’m not a doctor. “This isn’t rocket science.” The body of this text is comprised of both found and original content.


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May 2014

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