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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


Images of nature and family comprise the gestural and abstracted interpretations of my life events. I use my photographs as inspiration for my work. I fuse layers of color, light, and line into glass and onto wood to suspend a personal memory. I want to capture those moments that flit by in life and envelop them in the media.

In my fused glass work, I manipulate color, light, and line. In these pieces, I layer frits and sheets of glass onto an abstract sculpted relief of fiberglass and fuse them into one thick slab. The sculpted relief creates a textured deflection of light. In each layer of glass, I encapsulate simple line drawings of my family, elements of the landscape, and organic shapes.

In my works on wood, I pour and layer transparent color using acrylic and a water-based polyurethane mixture. I do not fully cover the natural grain of the wood but allow it to contribute to the imagery. I repeat linear marks and create layers of texture using a palette knife, and attach mud and caulk to the natural surface. I further manipulate the surfaces by sanding and carving to express my emotions and memories. The layered media symbolically references layers of time in my personal journey.


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