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Doctor of Philosophy


Media, Art, and Text

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Catherine Ingrassia

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Eric Garberson

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Sonali Gulati

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Oliver Speck

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Kathryn Trevenen


This work operates at the intersection of academics, art, and activism. Within queer studies there is a tension between assimilation and liberation, sometimes situated as between pragmatism and utopia. This work re-examines Frankfurt school Marxist views of utopia through a queer theoretical lens in order to employ the radical imagination and queer futurity to examine new ways of practicing liberation. Drawing from theorists like Judith Butler, Jose Esteban Munoz, and Gloria Anzaldua, this work uses art (film, writing, zine-making, and sound) as a way to envision and enact a better world situated in the present.


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Available for download on Wednesday, December 11, 2019