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A Pact Sealed in Blood: The Creation of Blood Letters: An American Odyssey is a reflection on the project, writing, script and production phases of a student researched and written theatrical script, which debuted in the Shafer Street Playhouse on April 24, 2014 on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. This paper looks at the processes involved with the creation of that piece. The theatrical piece tells the tales of three men over the course of 150 years as each man goes through his own personal crucible. The first fights for his country and his family during the American Civil War. The second fights for his country and his love during World War Two. The third works for his country and searches for his family during bouts of political destruction, alcoholism, and lost love. The piece interweaves these three tales with a fourth, present day narrator, in an adaption of Homer’s The Odyssey. This paper looks at the research, development of the script, and the final product of that theatrical piece. It also delves into the author’s beliefs on the search for the human soul within writing and the importance of connection within that search. Finally, it is revealed that perhaps the greatest search lies within our own personal journey.


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