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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


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My craft work and paintings reflect my life experiences and personal curiosities, particularly those associated with the natural world. Every day, I am bombarded with a constant flow of visual impressions and ephemeral experiences. There are some that demand attention by virtue of their sheer power, such as the repetition of line in a plowed field, the color of nautical landscape at twilight, or the intelligent behavior of crows. Like a tourist who buys a souvenir to capture a moment, I try to capture instances of profound experiences. I interpret these moments through a process-oriented approach to media.

Fiber, glass, and paint are the vehicles through which I explore the natural world. In these media, I layer materials. The first layer of media establishes a foundation, the next layer affects perceptions of the first, and additional layers add to the visual experience. As each piece reaches completion, the composition is the sum of all parts. Coupled with my understanding of layering as a creative process is my acknowledgment that life’s layered experiences shape me as a person.


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