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Michael Southam-Gerow


The field has developed many evidence-based treatments (EBTs); the integrity of EBTs being delivered, however, has been studied less than rigorously. Because many treatment manuals are developed to be delivered session-by-session, one way to assess treatment adherence, specifically, is across the course of the case: do therapists deliver treatment components in the order prescribed? The goals of this study were to characterize how therapists deviate from prescribed order and how adherence to order relates to child characteristics. Therapy process data were collected from a subsample of children (N = 33, aged 7-15) that received cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to address primary symptoms of anxiety. Adherence to CBT was measured by the CBT Adherence Scale for Youth Anxiety (Southam-Gerow & McLeod, 2011). Four methods to assess order were developed. Analyses include descriptive and correlative statistics that characterize the delivery of CBT and the relation between adherence to order and pretreatment characteristics.


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