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Joshua M. Langberg


Students with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) often experience significant academic underachievement. Written expression abilities in this population have not been extensively studied but existing prevalence estimates suggest that rates of comorbid writing underachievement may be substantially higher than comorbid reading and mathematics underachievement. The current study examined written expression abilities in a school-based sample of 326 adolescents with ADHD. The prevalence of written expression impairment, the associations between written expression and academic outcomes, and specific patterns of written expression were investigated. Results indicate that students with ADHD experience written expression impairment at a similar rate to reading and mathematics disabilities. Students’ written expression abilities were significantly associated with school grades and parent ratings of academic functioning, above and beyond reading achievement and intelligence. Analyses suggest that students with ADHD exhibit global impairment in writing, as opposed to having specific deficits in certain aspects of writing.


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