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Master of Fine Arts



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Susan Schuld

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Dr. Noreen C. Barnes

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Janet B. Rodgers, Emerita


This paper is an account of the Theatre VCU mainstage production of Pride & Prejudice, in which I played the roles of Mrs. Bennet and of the vocal coach. In order to address the various skill levels of the cast, I planned to coach the production in a manner inspired by immersion language learning programs, with the cast speaking in dialect throughout the rehearsal process so as to learn the necessary vocal skills and to grow together as a theatrical ensemble. When the director of Pride & Prejudice was not receptive to this plan, I had to compromise and adapt while fulfilling my duties as actor and coach. The paper includes my initial ideas, a detailed account of pre-production, rehearsals, and performances, and an analysis of the many lessons I learned about artistic collaboration and the art of dialect coaching for the stage.


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