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Master of Science in Dentistry


Pediatric Dentistry

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Elizabeth Berry

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Tegwyn Brickhouse

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Al Best


Purpose: This was a pilot study to assess the impact of a preventive strategy following full-mouth dental rehabilitation (FMDR) under general anesthesia in children with early childhood dental caries.

Methods: Sixty-six patients completed FMDR and were included in the analysis. At the consultation visit, caries risk assessment (CRA) and dental exam information were recorded, and caregivers completed an oral health knowledge (OHK) questionnaire. Patients returned for a post-surgery and recall visit. Caregivers received oral hygiene instructions in a motivational-interviewing style.

Results:At the consultation visit all patients were high risk. At the post-surgery visit, only 47% remained high risk (chi-square P

Conclusions: Preliminary data demonstrates that the preventive strategy is effective in reducing CRA level in children following FMDR.


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