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Master of Fine Arts


Theatre Pedagogy

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Noreen Barnes

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Shaun McCracken

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James Atkinson


The Cornish Colony (1895 - 1920) was a group of artists, writers, actors, musicians and public figures attracted to the rural beauty of Cornish, New Hampshire. The colony developed into a social and innovative community of common interests and artistic values that included over 75 artists who shared a love of classical traditions in literature and art. Colony Members included: Augustus Saint-Gardens, Thomas Dewing, Charles Adams Platt, Louis Evan Shipman, Juliet Barrett Rublee, Maxfield Parrish, Lucia Fairchild Fuller, Percy MacKaye and Winston Churchill. This thesis will explore the theatrical productions in the colony based in collaboration between visual and theatrical artists in the Colony and how this collaboration extended to the townspeople. It will also explore how the Colony’s dramatics had an influence on the artistic growth of Cornish and the surrounding Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire.


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