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Master of Urban & Regional Planning


L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs

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James C. Smither

Second Advisor

Kimberly M. Chen

Third Advisor

I-Shian (Ivan) Suen


This thesis highlights the role of urban planners in the revitalization of historic

seafronts as creative and attractive places for people and a key factor in the

regeneration of the urban economy in the historic seafront areas. The Saudi Arabia

historic seafront areas along the North Red Sea have been neglected and are suffering

because of slow development and changes to industrial uses. This thesis will focus on

the urban design principles that make historic seafronts more attractive and

successful, and will use a case study approach of several American waterfront cities

such as Baltimore, Maryland; San Francisco, California; and Charleston, South

Carolina. These American cities and the urban design principles applied for their

successful revitalization were selected for analysis because of their similarities with

the Yanbu Al-Bahr's historic seafront. The results of this analysis will enable planners

to apply the best of these urban waterfront design models to assist in the revitalization

of historic seafronts along the North Red Sea in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).


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