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Dr. Andrew Eckert

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Dr. Rodney Dyer

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Dr. William Eggleston

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Dr. Chris Gough

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Dr. Sal Agosta


The goal of this project was to determine the genetic architecture of water-use efficiency (WUE) for foxtail pine, which included genomic loci, and effect sizes of this trait. Foxtail pine is a subalpine endemic conifer that inhabits two distinct regional populations separated by 500 km in the mountains of California. In order to achieve this goal, a robust linkage map containing thousands of genetic markers was created using four megagametophyte arrays ranging in size from approximately 70 to 95 megagametophytes. Quantitative trait loci (QTL) discovered for WUE were mapped along the linkage map using linear mixed models and five half-sibling families grown in a common garden. Effect sizes of these QTL were tested for differences between the two regional populations of foxtail pine.


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