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Heather Jones, Ph.D.


This study examined differences in parenting practices and parenting stress between 44 African American maternal caregivers of children ages 6-10 with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and 25 caregivers of children without ADHD. Results indicated significant group differences on inconsistent discipline, as child ADHD significantly predicted this parenting construct. There were no mean group differences in positive parenting. Parenting stress was related to parenting practices for the caregivers of children without ADHD, but was unrelated to parenting practices among control caregivers. Child ADHD predicted several subscales of the Parenting Stress Index. However, child ADHD failed to be a significant predictor when a comorbid disruptive behavior disorder was entered in the model as a covariate. As the presence of a comorbid disruptive behavior disorder predicted parenting stress better than child ADHD for African American caregivers, treatment for such families should include a component targeting parenting stress.


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