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Master of Science


Human Genetics

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Joseph W. Landry


In this study, we explore the effects of NURF depletion on the growth of tumors in immune-competent mice. NURF depletion in tumors results in reduced tumor growth in immune-competent mice, suggesting enhanced anti-tumor immunity. Analysis of the tumor microenvironment by flow cytometry revealed a significantly elevated CD8 and progressively elevated activated CD8 phenotype in Bptf KD tumors, possibly contributing to the increase in cell death and decrease in tumor weight observed. Examination of antigen presentation was evaluated using the OT-1 and Pmel-17 models, though no significant difference in cytotoxicity was observed as measured by LDH and/or IFNγ assays. This indicates possible novel antigen presentation mechanisms in tumor cells, and not increased presentation of existing antigens, contributes to the decreased tumor weight observed in Bptf KD tumors.


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