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Master of Fine Arts


Visual Communication Design

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Jamie Mahoney

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Roy D McKelvey

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Mariam Eqbal


This document explores the use of motion within design to defamiliarize a message. The objective is to expand a viewer’s level of understanding through prolonged perception. I experiment with this idea using present-day tools which afford my own movement during the capturing process to create various visual interpretations of motion. I look to László Moholy-Nagy, Aleksandr Rodchenko and Eadweard Muybridge who explored the use of the camera, the new technology of their day, to understand its potential to create a new visual language. They believed the lens of the camera was the eye of the future—and the public’s exposure to the camera’s possibilities an enlightening transcendence. I also believe in exploring newly developed tools; in visually researching their intended and unintended use to discover new perspectives in not only the way we see and represent the world, but the way we understand and represent ourselves in relation to the study of our field.


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