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Dr. Joseph Landry


The nucleosome remodeling factor (NURF) is a mutli-protein complex that plays a role in the regulation of gene expression through its ability to remodel nucleosomes. The largest subunit of this complex, Bptf (Bromodomain PHD Finger Transcription Factor) is important for many cellular processes as a transcriptional regulator and improper function results in disease or malignancy. To further understand the genome-wide recruitment of the NURF complex, the interaction partner for the N-terminal PHD finger domain of Bptf was investigated through pull down assays followed by mass spectrometry. It was determined that this domain does not recognize histones; instead it recognizes a nonhistone protein, Thoc4 or Hmgb1. The expression of a cDNA corresponding to Bptf was also tested for expression in mouse ES cells after the addition of two exons found to be missing in the original cDNA. Addition of this sequence did not allow for exogenous Bptf expression in ES cells.


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