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Master of Fine Arts


Sculpture + Extended Media

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Kendall Buster

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Matt King

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Micheal Jones McKean

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Ester Partegas


Take a minute. Imagine Wiley Coyote and Road Runner are in a domestic partnership. What would that look like? Close your eyes and Pause for 30 seconds. Don’t you see? Coyote never catches up. They keep running faster and faster. Everything in the house gets swept into the whirlwind they’ve created in their paths - the books, the shelves, the bed, and the desk lamp. Their circling movement creates a vacuum, which ultimately causes the entire structure to implode upon itself.

This text is an examination of my work and its relationship to the economic and the domestic. The metaphor of the tragicomic perpetually failing in the spotlight is a dominant motif standing against a backdrop of an overflowing bloat of unidentifiable mass desperately trying to repel gravity. In the first section of this text I offer a brief overview of my two-year trajectory, and an analytical perspective of my culminating thesis exhibition. In the second section, I share with you a trough of incomplete jokes, and standalone punch lines. This Rolodex I keep of “word sketches” catalogues my search for the shape of a laugh.


I included in my PDF the cover page and abstract etc, please do not include repeats of the same information. thank you.


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