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Maternal Child Nursing

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Dr. JoAnne K. Henry


This descriptive study explored the congruency between the Prepared Childbirth couple's planned antenatal coaching support style and the observed coaching support style and the couple's postpartal perceptions of the coaching support style. Also explored were the relationship of coach's support style and the degree of the couple's postpartal satisfaction with the childbirth experience. A rrodified version of Campbell's Antenatal Questionnaire and Postpartal Questionnaire (1980) and Standley and Anderson's Naturalistic Observation Fonn were utilized for this study and administered to 10 Prepared Childbirth couples for labor observation and detennination of coaches' support styles. The researcher was not able to observe two of the couples in the sample during labor to determine the coach's style. Data collected from these two couples could only be used to answer twu of the four hypotheses, resulting in 16 subjects in the sample for these instead of 20. Only five of 16 subjects accurately predicted the coaching style that was observed. Six of the 16 subjects' postpartal perceptions of the coaching style agreed with the observer's classification. TWelve out of 20 subjects had congruent antepartal expectations and postpartal perceptions even though the coach may have demonstrated a different support style than planned. Based on the findings of the study, the majority of the subjects were not able to predict the support style that the individual coach would derronstrate during his wife's labor. This had little effect on postpartal satisfaction. The wives of coaches who utilized the "interactive through instrumentation" support style had the lowest rating of satisfaction with the childbirth a-perience. These wives also reported more complications occurring in labor during their postpartal interview.


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