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Master of Science


Mathematical Sciences

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Suzanne Robertson

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David Chan

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Karen Kester


Two proposed models will be used to help answer a long observed question in the dynamics of \textit{Manduca sexta} and its related parasitoid wasps-Why is there a large difference in diversity in hyperparasitoid species between tobacco and other related plants such as tomato? Two stage structured differential equation models are presented. The first is a single patch model to study the changes in dynamics that occur between hosts, parasitoids, and hyperparasitoids as the amount of nicotine in the plant increases. The second is a two patch model that allows hyperparasitoids to choose between patches that are nicotine negative (i.e. tomato plants) and nicotine positive (i.e. tobacco plants). Both models will be used to investigate how host nicotine sequestration may impact hyperparasitoid diversity.


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