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Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Dr. Phillip Gerk

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Dr. Jurgen Venitz

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Dr. Joseph Ritter


Phenylephrine (PE) is the most commonly used over-the-counter nasal decongestant. The problem associated with phenylephrine is that it undergoes extensive first pass metabolism in the intestinal gut wall leading to its poor and variable oral bioavailability.

This research project aims at developing strategies in order to increase the oral bioavailability of PE by co-administration of GRAS compounds. A HILIC assay method was developed to detect the parent drug, phenylephrine (PE) and its sulfate metabolite (PES).The enzyme kinetic studies were done with phenolic dietary or GRAS compounds using LS180 human intestinal cell model, recombinant SULT enzymes and human intestinal cytosol (HIC). From the screening studies done, one inhibitor was selected in order to study the mechanism of inhibition. In conclusion the studies done in vitro provided a basis in order to predict in vivo intrinsic clearance through the sulfation pathway.


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