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Master of Fine Arts


Painting and Printmaking

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David Freed


Art is more than just a bridge to (or a reflection of) the natural world; it is a natural force in itself. The author is a strong advocate of "artist's prints," prints which are conceived and printed by the artist. She believes that there is a natural sequence of actions and thoughts which cannot be approximated by the substitution of an artist/printer collaboration unless the artist is truly involved with the printer or assistant in every step of the decision-making and mark-making processes.

The prints of this series are not about realistic pictorial space; they are about interior space--that of the mind and the heart. The artist is interested in creating variations on a matrix, making one-of-a-kind prints or altered prints, even impure prints. Sometimes this work is investigative, instructive, meditative, or celebratory. This work is not printmaking in accord with the common notion of prints as exact replications of a picture from another medium for the sake of general availability. Nor is it printmaking in accord with the atelier concept of an artist-created print matrix editioned with the aid of professional print craftsmen.

On the contrary, the artist approaches printmaking as a form of experimentation and ritual, seeing the cosmic in the microcosmic. She says, "I strive to create unique prints which cannot reasonably be duplicated in other media by other people--or even at another time by me. I try to give meaning and definition to inchoate perceptions using art as visual metaphor."


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hum_sea_slides001.jpg (2014 kB)
To the Kiva

hum_sea_slides002.jpg (1849 kB)
Where Do I Come From?

hum_sea_slides003.jpg (1798 kB)
Primordial Breeze

hum_sea_slides004.jpg (1490 kB)
Rose Crown

hum_sea_slides005.jpg (1519 kB)
Child's Play

hum_sea_slides006.jpg (1368 kB)
Tantra Card I

hum_sea_slides007.jpg (1696 kB)
Tantra Card II

hum_sea_slides008.jpg (1796 kB)
Tantra Card III

hum_sea_slides009.jpg (2089 kB)
Tantra Card Installation

hum_sea_slides010.jpg (1641 kB)

hum_sea_slides011.jpg (1864 kB)
Prieres de papier

hum_sea_slides012.jpg (1662 kB)
Birth Day 1

hum_sea_slides013.jpg (1968 kB)
Birth Day II

hum_sea_slides014.jpg (1617 kB)

hum_sea_slides015.jpg (1689 kB)
Draped Overlay (Sentinel I)

hum_sea_slides016.jpg (1561 kB)
Photosensitive. (Sentinel II)

hum_sea_slides017.jpg (1538 kB)
Mutant Message. (Sentinel III)

hum_sea_slides018.jpg (1790 kB)
Simultaneous Pause

hum_sea_slides019.jpg (2120 kB)
Meridian/Diurnal: A Waist-High Stack of Prints

hum_sea_slides020.jpg (1712 kB)

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