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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


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The organic patterns all around me are what intrigues and inspires my textile, glass, and painting compositions. I find beauty within the natural growth patterns of things both large and small. My work references the reverberated growth processes in living things from the macroscopic observation of a plant to the microscopic viewpoint of its cells.

Like the beauty found within these organic configurations, my process begins with creating serendipitous marks with a reference to natural patterns. Then, I intuitively respond to what I see in front of me. As I work, I use repetitious lines and shapes and a vibrant, non-naturalistic color palette. My choices of colors are personally motivated, and the combinations and manipulations are intuitive. Pattern and color are both visual languages that affect individuals differently. While my use of both is in response to my own experiences, my works allow the viewer to respond and connect in their own way.


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