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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Fine Arts

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Ginna Cullen

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Sara Clark

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Sally Bowring


In my paintings and mixed media works, I incorporate rough textures and vibrant, high contrast colors. I find beauty and intrigue in the gnarled roots of a tree; the crumbling plaster on a wall; and the wrinkled, roughened hands of my grandmother. To explore these types of surfaces, the materials are distorted by twisting, ripping, and pulling the pieces apart. For instance, canvas is layered and stitched together in an uneven manner with knots and lumps added to the distressed surface. I view these distorted, strained surfaces as different forces in my life that push or pull me in varied directions. This metaphor helps me to express myself through formal elements. I approach my compositions gesturally and intuitively by letting them evolve during my process. As a compositional device, I sometimes use a gridded infrastructure or multi-piece presentation. This underlying framework allows me to organize my presentation as I apply marks and manipulate surfaces. I use complementary color palettes that are bright and vibrant. These palettes have a virile quality that emanates a strong sense of purpose and commands attention from the viewer.


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