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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


My photographic and craft works focus on the flowing forms of flowers; the delicate, ruffled edges of feathers; and the complex veining patterns of leaves. To highlight these natural elements I use a limited palette, often no more than two close value colors. My photographs are extreme close-ups and are referred to as macrophotography. The images are abstracted yet still hint at the organic original. In my crafts, which include jewelry, textiles, and books, I also use a reduced palette when presenting abstracted natural structures.

I use a process-oriented approach to allow for repetitive tasks. The repetition is rewarding in both the calm it grants me and the meticulously created end result. My imagination wanders as my hands are engaged in crocheting for hours or when I am shooting a range of digital photographs. Within these media, I experiment with different techniques to create variety within my work and to build my skill-base as an artist and an art teacher.


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