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Master of Fine Arts



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Dr. Aaron Anderson

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Brian (Bostin) Christopher

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Barry Bell


Through an accidental discovery of an interest in the film making process, I decided to explore the opportunities that would come through self-education in the field. Along the way, I found that the process of working behind the camera can, in fact, help the actor’s career in front of the camera and provide a chance to train in a nontraditional way. After directing two projects (one simple and one more complicated), I decided to propose a class in which students would be required to self- produce their own video projects online. The class was vastly popular, and the students’ responses to the class work lined up with my learning objectives perfectly. The actor must take control of his/her career by constantly working on the craft, and that can easily be done through going out and shooting one’s own work. Even if it doesn’t result in being ‘discovered,’ the pursuit allows the actor’s creativity and perspective to be ever widening.


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