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Fine Arts

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Dr. Thomas Modeen

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Diane Derr

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Marcella Kulchitsky

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Michael Wirtz


From my observation as a new resident in Education City, I recognize a need for cultural awareness and communication amongst those studying and working in this particular area. With this project I propose a different experience, a new way to use experiential learning as a mechanism to change people’s predetermined opinions about one another and disrupt personal biases in order to foster cultural awareness and friendship.

A mapping system or wayfinding strategy to navigate a new city is the beginning of a visitor’s experience in a new place. This new experience is one way for users to identify locations through the use of a mapping system, discover cultural communication areas and be involved with sensory objects that require them to become aware of their surroundings. All of these elements are a catalyst for students in Education City to communicate and participate in experiential learning as part of their experience in Qatar.


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