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Qatar is rapidly becoming an internationally renowned art hub not only through the construction of numerous museums and galleries, but also through the development of public art projects.

I strongly believe that Qatar can be more than a place to work; it can be a space where art is part of public spaces. But how can we fully and effectively integrate art into public space in Qatar? How can Qatar be more than a place where we work, eat, sleep, and go to the mall from time to time? How can public art involve / benefit the community and local artists? Can it shift behaviors from less of an exclusive to more of an inclusive community?

This research is an investigation on public art in order to enhance its development. Instead of commissioning internationally renowned public artworks that are massive and monumental, the objective of this research is to encourage social interaction between communities and local artists through participatory public art projects. This type of art engages users directly in the creative process, permitting them to be both co-actors and observers of the work. The outcomes tackle social engagement through public art interventions that trigger conversations and interactions among communities


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