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Master of Science in Dentistry



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Dr. Karan Replogle

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Dr. Sonali Rathore

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Dr. Al Best

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Dr. Richard Archer

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Dr. Garry Myers


The purpose of this study was to assess the changes in size of periapical lesions 3-12 months following root canal treatment using CBCT. Patients who had non-surgical root canal therapy (NSRCT) or non-surgical retreatment (ReTx) from July 30,2014 to August 19, 2015 with a periapical lesion of endodontic origin and received NSRCT or ReTx and had a pre-treatment or intra-treatment CBCT were invited to participate. Volumetric and linear measurements of periapical lesions on initial and post- treatment CBCT images were performed. A total of 20 patients with 23 treated teeth with 30 separate periapical radiolucent lesions returned for follow up 91-390 days after the initiation of endodontic treatment. Lesions showed an overall reduction in volume (p=0.0096), maximum coronal diameter (p=0.0117), maximum sagittal diameter (p=0.0071), and maximum axial diameter (p=0.0006). Lesions show a significant reduction in size 3-12 months following non-surgical endodontic treatment using CBCT.


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