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Karen J. Replogle

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Al Best

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Robert Grover


Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is the recommended imaging modality of choice for evaluating previous endodontic treatment (1). The aim of this study was to compare treatment planning decisions made when evaluating previous endodontic treatment to determine if treatment planned and projected prognosis differs when digital radiography is used alone or in combination with CBCT. A retrospective chart review was conducted. Patients for whom a CBCT was taken were included in the study. Twenty-eight patients qualified. Patient’s periapical digital radiographs (Dexis©) were evaluated by 2 calibrated endodontists, a treatment plan was identified and a prognosis was projected. Later the same radiographs were viewed with CBCT scan. The CBCT provided significant information 75% of the time. CBCT provided the only information for an accurate diagnosis 17% of the time. Prognosis changed 38% of the time when CBCT was added. An unfavorable or questionable prognosis changed to favorable 30% of the time.


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