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Master of Science in Dentistry



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Steven J. Lindauer, DMD, MDSc

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Bhavna Shroff, DDS, MDSc, MPA

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Caroline K. Carrico, PhD


The purpose of this study was to investigate the social perceptions of subjects with differing lip position and facial convexity in three dimensions. A 3dMD camera (3dMD, Atlanta, GA) was used to capture 3D images of 9 subjects’ faces. The images were altered to have ideal lip position and ideal convexity, ideal lip position and Class II convexity, Class II lip position and ideal convexity, and Class II lip position and Class II convexity. 400 laypersons rated their perceptions of the subjects’ athletic ability, popularity, leadership, and intelligence on a VAS scale. Subjects with ideal lip position relative to the E-line were rated significantly higher for leadership and intelligence. Males with ideal facial convexity were judged to be better leaders and more intelligent than those with Class II convexity. Subjects with ideal lip position were given the highest mean VAS scores for all four social attributes. The perception of differences related to facial convexity was inconsistent.


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