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Master of Fine Arts


Craft/Material Studies

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Jack Wax

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Bohyun Yoon

Third Advisor

Susie Ganch

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Sarah Nance


I draw on my natural interest in my family’s eclectic collections – both traditional and personal – to create poetic portraits composed of carefully made and arranged objects. The goal of my portraiture is not to convey physical likeness; superseding the imitation of appearance is psychological portrayal of the desires and disappointments of the sitter. Often, a fragmented sense of self is revealed – both in others and in myself – and I seek to depict the kaleidoscopic nature of individuals in their given situations. Possessing whimsical, playful elements as well as encounters with lack and longing, I create work to escape what in my life is unbearable as well as to finally embrace that which I cannot possibly escape.


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