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Master of Science



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Bernard F. Gupton

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Mark McHugh

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Christina Tang

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Everett Carpenter


High-temperature, high-pressure (HTHP) conditions are exemplified in ultra-deep petroleum reservoirs and can be exhibited within diesel engines. Accurate pure component hydrocarbon data is essential in understanding the overall behavior of petroleum and diesel fuel at these conditions. The present study focuses on the HTHP properties of toluene since this hydrocarbon is frequently used to increase the octane rating of gasoline and toluene occurs naturally in crude oil. In this thesis experimental densities and viscosity are presented to 535 K and 300 MPa extending the database of toluene viscosity data to higher temperature than previous studies. The data is correlated to a Tait-like equation and a Padѐ approximate in conjunction with a single mapping of the isotherms. Free-volume theory and a superposition of the viscosity in relation to the Leonnard-Jones repulsive force are both used to model the toluene viscosity data. It was found that the data are in good agreement with the available literature data.


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