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Dr. Noreen C. Barnes

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Dr. Oliver Speck

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Professor Shaun McCracken


This thesis utilizes theories and ideas from the field of psychology to inform intertextual and interdisciplinary readings that compare and contrast theatre and film texts. In Chapter One, I compare Carlos Fuentes' drama Orchids in the Moonlight to Nicolas Winding Refn's film Bronson in order to investigate the extent each oscillates between Carl Jung's notion of the collective unconscious and Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari's schizoanalytic paradigm. I found that while these vacillating aspects helped illuminate different perspectives of each text, Orchids in the Moonlight more closely represents the collective unconscious, while Bronson more robustly embodies schizoanalysis. In Chapter Two, I examine the magnitude to which the play and film version of Jean Cocteau's Orpheus illuminate his self-portrait. By analyzing the similarity and differences between how Cocteau depicts mirrors and the female personification of Death, I discovered the film version to more profoundly evoke and depict Cocteau's self-portrait. Finally, in Chapter Three, I discuss my process of writing a new play with film elements called Flooded—before providing a sample of the text, and later analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the film contents in the play.


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