Enemy Mine

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Master of Fine Arts



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John C. McCown

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Tom De Haven

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Bryant Mangum


This thesis comprises the opening of a novel-in-progress, which takes place in an alternate universe where certain ordinary humans are born with superpowers. One superpowered public hero, Captain Frost, attempts to save a notorious, superpowered criminal called the Terror, in the hopes of interrogating him about a recent spate of superhero deaths—but the Terror’s sudden death casts doubt on Frost’s ability to handle the case. Meanwhile, a team of powered and non-powered criminals, among them a scientist who calls himself Dr. Fiend, scheme to fill the power vacuum left by the Terror. Dr. Fiend commits to a break-in that will allow him to examine the Terror’s body for evidence of how he was able to repeatedly defeat Frost and how his strategy and skills might be used to undermine Frost’s control of the city.


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Available for download on Saturday, March 23, 2216

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