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Society has become increasingly segregated by age which lessens the opportunities for communication between generations. Before the Internet, children and adolescents typically learned through traditional means - their parents, school teachers, and life experiences. Adults believed they were capable of recognizing and addressing the needs of children and adolescents. (Strom & Strom, 2012) Now, the global media is widely accessed by people of all ages which gives it the ability to influence a large population in different ways. This has led to children and adolescents being more heavily influenced and educated by the media than other traditional sources. Adolescents, in particular, are more reliant on each other for conversation, feedback, and advice. (Kovarik, 2011) Retirees, on average, are more active now than they were 20 years ago and 54% of seniors (age 60+) are considering working after retirement age (typically 65) which is up from 45% in a 2014 poll. Of the seniors polled, 81% say they will work part-time while 19% say they will work full-time.


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