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Master of Fine Arts


Interior Design

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Christiana Lafazani

Second Advisor

Roberto Ventura

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Sara Reed

Fourth Advisor

Rob Smith


This thesis project is an exploration of process in both design and winemaking. Wine has long been a part of Virginia’s history and culture and in recent years has influenced architecture and design that is specific to winemaking and hospitality. Through an interior intervention, this project addresses the many challenges of marrying production and hospitality design criteria under one roof. The final design encourages understanding of process through links between production and consumption with both a winemaking facility and laboratory that are integrated into the surrounding hospitality-oriented spaces. This visual exposure to the facility stimulates patron interest and intuitive knowledge of the intricate nature of the winemaking process. The concept of process is revealed through the use of materials and their application, designed in such a way to encourage patrons to explore how they are constructed. The use of natural materials that patina are used to celebrate the aging process that is inextricably linked to both design and wine. In addition, new ways of using materials that are part of the winemaking process are employed to expose patrons to nuanced aspects of the process that otherwise remain hidden.


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