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Interior Design

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Christiana Lafazani

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Roberto Ventura

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Sara Reed


As defined by Wai Mun Lim and Mel Endean in 2009 in their article “Elucidating the aesthetic and operational characteristics of UK boutique hotels” in the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Boutique hotels have less than 100 rooms, have an individualistic and unique design, are often in historic buildings, and have highly personalized service for guests. I found that a boutique hotel that focuses on historic preservation and heritage tourism does four things. First, it respects the history of the building it is housed in, preserving as much of the original structure as possible. It also takes advantage of the unique features the historical building offers, highlighting them with design choices. Third, it educates guests on the history of the building and the surrounding area with both information and design. Lastly, it encourages guests to visit and engage with other heritage tourism sites in the area, offering concierge services and ticket packages.


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