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Graphic Design

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John Malinoski

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Nicole Killian

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Kristian Henson


We have gathered the following pages to archive our time here in Richmond, Virginia. We have been here for two years, growing slowly, moving when needed to new anchorholds to avoid detection or arrest. We scrutinize the urban environment like modern archeologists. We collect stories and speculate about new uses of old things. It is imperative to be resourceful here, and we do so out of necessity but also in the spirit of practice. These pages were made en route, each an exploration of the tools at hand when on the move. The method of creation is just as important as the creation as the story itself. The ancients invented stories about the constellations in order to track their routes across the earth. A cluster of stars exists called the seven sisters. Only six are visible. According to myth, the sisters leave to look for the seventh sister and disappear below the horizon for a month. Their return to the sky signals the end of the planting season. The story becomes allegory, told to educate stargazers about the growing cycle. Like those sisters, we come and go. We tell stories to teach. We tell stories survive.


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